About the instructor

Isaiah McPeak knows how to help others find greater success. He is a Master Yoda of digital product creation, product management, high executing team dynamics, communications, and cross-disciplinary influence. The source of his force is his mastery of the neuroscience behind behavior, motivation, and dropping guard, met with a classical rhetoric and ancient philosophy twist.

He has started six organizations, designed and shipped over 200 digital products and feature sets, successfully been part of four startups raising pre-seed funding and journeying to growth stage (5 money raises, $6M total), personally sold over $35M in services and software, and coached CEOs and keynote speakers. 

He is co-author of Upside Down Debate: A Deeper Why to Persuasion and a frequent speaker and trainer in Austin, TX’s tech and startup communities. You can see Isaiah in action in some of his YouTube videos.

Isaiah's most significant current project is Pinwheel.com.