Business is about the courage to do simple. Getting to the bottom of simple isn’t easy, but when you do it right it sure looks easy to outside observers. That’s how you know you’ve found your why: “it just works!”

These are the phases we are good at:

  • Idea to prototype model or service, with validation experiments
  • Concept to minimum viable product, with hypothesis testing
  • Minimum product to product market fit, with predictable unit economics
  • Starting the growth engine, with marketing automation
In the middle of all of those, it’s all about going as deeply as possible into the why should people want or use this, and what can you say that just gets heads to nod and makes selling and engaging a piece of cake?
Oh, and what about that thing called a team? We’ve built teams from 2-60 and consulted over 300 teams of all shapes and sizes. Principles, structure, communications, agile and lean processes, or wholly starting the needful departments of a business—we’ve done it and can help you do it well.

Business Services

How to get operationally mature without losing your soul. Isaiah has helped 25+ organizations with this conundrum: how do we take this brilliant thing driven by magnetic yet disorganized personalities and add people, without chilling what makes it great? The answer: principle-driven management, not process-driven management. Processes must form, but principles must rule. We’ll apply the lessons Pixar did to not lose its soul, yet grow to hundreds of team members. Costs:

  • Executive/Leadership Team Training. $1500 for 6 leadership coaching sessions over 6 weeks.
  • Company/Organization Training. $4000 for 2 online and 1 in-person workshops.
  • Guided Transition/Consulting. Contact to negotiate something other than the above two options, such as ongoing consulting.

Agile Project Management, Communications, and Operations Reset. Need to get agile? We’ll teach you the straightforward methods to use the standard (mostly) free project management, communications, and management processes used by agile organizations. You’ll end up with your team on Slack, clear rules for email vs. Slack, a project-management rhythm (probably in Trello), cultural principles for communication and commitment, a “big five” goals framework, and a few other things you need for efficiently-communicating teams who want to happily get more done. ($15,000 for discovery, initial setup, and training plus 3 months of weekly check-ins. Some follow-on consulting is possible but unlikely at $100/hr).

Startup Projects/Consulting. Our consulting is more like getting things done, but it costs $100/hr either way. Pitches, validation, product-market fit, marketing automation setup, hiring practices, leadership coaching, establishing interview process/interview coaching, and building what models you need to get from stage to stage (a journey we’ve walked several times): we can walk you through the harsh realities of start through success.

Process Improvement. We’ll run a deep dive on any process to help you know what needs fixing and how to improve, in a way that promotes the organizational strength of the team involved. ($200/hr)

Braining, I mean Training. Isaiah is known as one of the most charismatic yet deep trainers around. Whatever you want trained on, Isaiah can make it engaging and impactful. So bring in an outside voice to inspire your team! (Email for pricing