Creative Services

  • Presentations. TED Talk? Community non-profit board presentation? School project? There are enough terrible presentations in the world that we have a personal mission to train people to fill the world with more insightful, gripping, and useful presentations (including learning when not to use one, or to use a document instead). If you just need a presentation, fine… we can do that. But we’d sure love to teach you to fish here.
    • Presentation Design from Scratch. Let’s assume it’s 20-minutes to an hour, or a life-changingly-important 5 minutes and 20 seconds. These cost around $2000, but we go up and down from that based on parameters. ($150/hr; project-based pricing preferred)
    • Improve a Presentation. Take some existing content and make it great! ($150/hr; project-based pricing preferred)
    • Presentation Coaching. How to be awesome. You’ll learn classical rhetoric discovery and never have writer’s block again, plus how to storyboard, stylize, and arrange your awesome presentation. Plus, how to deliver, of course. ($100/hr)
    • Presentation Training. We’ll train your whole team to be awesome. ($2000-15,000 workshops, depending on scope and time)
  • Art/Drawing Lessons. Seriously. Need to brush up on colors? Watercolors? Stick figure drawing? Gotcha covered. ($60/hr or a 10 lesson pack for $500)