This is the part where you say “I’ve got this idea and want to make something AWESOME!”

Oh yeah!

Now come the simple, yet challenging questions of the design process.

  • who is this for?
  • why would they want to use it?
  • how valuable is that to these people?
  • how will those people make that connection?
  • how many people like this exist in the world anyhow?
Once we get past all that, the last question may finally be asked: what does it look like?

Like Michelangelo, we view your vague idea as the giant block of stone that just needs chiseling and polishing to find David inside. We’ll bring the tools, including a deep bench of experts when we need product design, behavioral design, neuroscience, UX, or brand shortcuts to the destination.

Creative Services

  • Market Validation. How do you know an idea can make money? Rapidly create paper prototypes and get them in front of representative folks in the market, iteratively building until heads start to nod. I know what that feels like and will help you conduct (or do it myself) the difficult legwork of validation. Don't spend resources on something until you've reduced the critical four risks: market, usability, value, and feasibility. (Project-based pricing; or $150/hr)
  • Software Prototyping. It’s our bread and butter. Whether you need to design an entire app or just a feature, we’ll dig to the bottom of the challenge and apply behavioral design science to nudging or enticing your target audience along the path. (We prefer project-based pricing, or will work for time at $150/hr)
  • User Experience Design. Just need to create the delightful experience? Well, it’s the same price. ($150/hr; project-based pricing preferred) Isaiah is a member of the ATX Behavior Design Lab and brings neuroscience, behavior, best practices, and intuition together to design sequences and interfaces that delight.

When we cannot do the work ourselves, we can reach to our expansive networks of marketers, designers, and software developers to give you options you need.

Been there, Done That

Some software Isaiah has validated, product managed, and/or designed.
  1. 9Lenses – A B2B two-sided marketplace for consultants, SMBs, and Fortune 500s to digitally listen. Employees all talk at once, and leaders know what to do.
  2. statUP – A B2C 4.5-star rated app used by thousands of athletes and coaches to track their individual soccer skill improvement.
  3. Towny – An app that helps consumers buy, bank, and give local by connecting them with their locally-owned merchants.
  4. Sparked Govern – A B2B web application for boards to manage their institutional knowledge, rapidly build reports, and efficiently manage meetings and documents internally and with the public.